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In addition to our fabulous retail selections, Mickey's Pastry Shop also has the ability to provide your grocery store, convenient store or family-owned grill with wholesale items. We produce, package, and deliver a variety of fresh products in Eastern North Carolina. Whether you are doing your weekly shopping or filling up your tank, look for our rack filled with long johns, pecan and coconut tarts, cupcakes, pound cakes, and 8" pies. Please contact us if you are interested in our wholesale services.

 UPS Logo You can get Mickey's Pastry Shop goodies shipped directly to you. Contact us for details.

You Can Find Mickey's Pastries at These Stores
Albertson, NCRmart3794 N NC Hwy. 111
Angier, NCCarlie C's 855333 N Raleigh St.
Speedway 183124 S. Raleigh St.
Ayden, NCKash & Karry111 E. Hannahan
Piggly Wiggly #38144 D Third St.
Bailey, NCJoyner's Mini Mart12353 Oak Ave.
Piggly Wiggly #612536 Sanford St.
Benson, NCBass8440 Route 27
Benson Marathon (SWW)3405 NC 242 N
Byrd's Gas & Grocery1051 NC 242 S
Country Mart1108 Hwy. 242 N
Express Mart100 S. Wall St.
Glenn's BP/50 & 21010831 NC Hwy. 50 N
Jack's7065 NC North
Jackson's Corner7358 Hwy. 50 S
Mule City607 E. Main St.
Pat's Gas & Grill803 S. Wall St.
Beulaville, NCWilco 1844114 S. Jackson St.
Calypso, NCFriendly Mart #3206 W. Trade St.
Chinquapin, NCBuck's Corner2659 S NC Hwy. 41
Clayton, NCCE Barnes Store13726 Buffalo Rd.
Cleveland9005 Cleveland Rd.
Compare Foods421 E. 2nd St.
Grocery Bag4879-A NC 42 E
Howard's Mini Mart, Inc.4222 Barber Mill Rd.
Jimmy's3300 Hwy. 70 Bus.
Wilco #19048060 Hwy. 70 Bus.
Clinton, NCExpress Mart 16103 North Blvd.
Friendly Mart #9501 Northeast Blvd.
Piggly Wiggly #10 1111 Sunset Ave.
Piggly Wiggly #13815 College St.
Piggly Wiggly #9332 NE Blvd.
Sanderson Kwik Stop4633 N US Hwy. 421
Sanderson/Keener Store7296 Hobbton Hwy.
Coats, NCCarlie C's Coats379 N. McKinley St.
Dudley, NCBest Gas & Grill4453 US Hwy. 117 Alt S
Friendly Mart #182212 Indian Springs Rd.
Dunn, NCCarlie C's Cumberland Ave.607 E. Cumberland St.
Friendly Mart #2116806 Spivey's Corner Hwy.
Mac's Sausage4432 NC 242 S
Sonny's720 Carolina Dr.
Elm City, NCBridgersville Store6502 NC Hwy. 42 E
Piggly Wiggly #8509 S. Parker St.
Erwin, NCErwin Mart201 S. 13th St.
Supermart Erwin925 S. 13th St.
Triton Quick Mart205 Jackson Blvd.
Faison, NCFriendly Mart #1103 E. Center St.
Handy Mart #103358 NE Center St.
Piggly Wiggly206 SW Center St.
Four Oaks, NCBare Foot3295 US 701 S.
BXR LLC5989 Srtickland's Crossroads
Dunn's209 E. Wellons St.
Edward's IGA Four Oaks6050 Hwy. 301 S.
Ronnies280 Hwy. 701 S.
Fremont, NCFast Break #2501 N. Wilson St.
Joyner's IGA Market200 S. Goldsboro St.
Garner, NCLonnie Poole's1825 Hwy. 70 E
Webb's807 W. Garner Rd.
Godwin, NCAltman's Grocery Barn & Grill5428 Fayetteville Hwy.
Goldsboro, NCBK Mart2344 US 117 S
Carlie C's IGA1805 Wayne Memorial Dr.
Down East Travel Ctr.2600 US 117
Friendly Mart #101464 S Hwy. 111
Grantham Supply3388 US 13 South
Handy Mart #1152495 US Hwy. 13 N
Handy Mart #1502830 Hwy. 70 W
Handy Mart #1584340 US 70 E
Handy Mart #502830 Hwy. 70 W
Hill's Beef & Pork2315 N. William St.
Piggly Wiggly #39100 Lionel St.
Rosewood Foods805 Rosewood Rd.
Wayne Memorial Hospital2700 Wayne Memorial Dr.
Wilco #1829400 E. Ash St.
Wilco #3341501 Hwy. 70
Willie's315 Steven's Mill Rd.
Greenville, NCPiggly Wiggly #64342015 Dickinson Ave.
Kenly, NCBig Boy's Truck Stop595 Bagley Rd.
Gonzales Tacos8212 Old Beulah Rd.
Papa Jack'sHWY 42 W
Piggly Wiggly #7607 W. 2nd St.
Kinston, NCCaptain's Corner711 Plaza Blvd.
Friendly Mart #202059 Hwy. 11/55
Jr's Country Store1561 Hwy. 58 S
Piggly Wiggly #332202 Hwy. 258 N
Piggly Wiggly #60407 E. New Bern Rd.
Piggly Wiggly #612715 Hwy. 11/55
Piggly Wiggly #66604 N. McLewean St.
Wilco/Speedway 18691660 Hwy. 11/55 S
La Grange, NCHandy Mart #1636024 Hwy. 70 E.
Magnolia, NCC-Check #5124 Brinson Rd.
Magnolia Marketplace1486 S. Kenansville Bypass
Middlesex, NCBrewer's11413 NC 42 E
Wiggs Family Restaurant114929 E. Finch Ave.
Mount Olive, NCFriendly Mart #17104 E. NC 403
Friendly Mart #6819 N. Brazeale Ave.
Friendly Mart #7101 S. Brazeale Ave.
Friendly Mart #84664 US 13 S
Handy Mart #1021094 Brazeale Ave.
Piggly Wiggly #36615 N. Brazeale Ave.
Newton Grove, NCCecil202 Raleigh Rd.
Pikeville, NCPikeville Tire202 S. Goldsboro St.
Pine Level, NCPine Level Food1880 Hwy. 70
Town Market1700 Hwy. 70 A
Pinetops, NCPinetops Shell Mart204 W. Hamlet St.
Pink Hill, NCFriendly Mart #23196 N Hwy. 11
Princeton, NCHandy Mary #1701050 Edwards Mill Rd.
Piggly Wiggly #35202 Donnie H. Jones Blvd.
Princeton Food106 Jones Blvd. W.
Raleigh, NCPaul's Grocery7301 Poole Rd.
Carlie C's Garner1514 Garner Staton Blvd.
Selma, NCMarathon/Stancil Oil #3905 S. Pollack St.
Myers Community Mart4321 Hwy. 70 E
Selma IGA212 N. Pollock St.
Seven Springs, NCFriendly Mart #164373 NC Hwy. 111 S
J & S5604 Hwy. 111 S.
Smithfield, NCEdward's IGA721 Brightleaf Blvd.
Handy Mart #1623657 Wilson's Mills Rd.
JD Country Store4546 Wilson's Mills Rd.
Marathon703 A E. Market St.
Snow Hiil, NCGrant's Gas & Grocery3443 Hwy. 13 S
Wilco #18711102 Kingold Blvd.
Tarboro, NCPiggly Wiggly #402030 N. Main St.
Warsaw, NCFriendly Mart #4107 US Hwy. 24
Wendell, NCIGA Wendell2971 Wendell Blvd.
Mr. G450 E. Third St.
Willow Spring, NCDon Lee13718 NC 50 North
Zebulon, NCCC Zebulon503 W. Gannon Ave.
County Line2981 Pilot Riley Rd.
Eddins Oil1301 N. Arendell
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