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Looking for a cake just to satisfy your craving? Need to provide dessert for someone? You will have a hard time making the right selection for your family and friends. Make any night of the week special with one of our dessert cakes. All of our dessert cakes are four - layer, 8 inch round cakes.

  • Bon Bon - Rich double fudge cake filled with smooth buttercream and poured with our homemade chocolate
  • Boston Cream - Four layers of yellow cake filled with cool, creamy custard and topped with our homemade chocolate
  • Black Forest - Delicious double fudge layers are filled with cherries and whipped topping to make this one delectable cake
  • Caramel - This cake speaks for itself! One peak inside the box and the wonderful caramel scent will be sure to tempt anyone
  • Chocolate/Chocolate - Chocolate through and through - You will be in heaven when you dig in to this incredibly rich chocolate cake!
  • Carrot - Four layers of spiced carrot cake with pecans, iced with rich cream cheese, and decorated with toasted pecans
  • Chocolate/Pecan - Fresh pecans give this delicious chocolate cake a bit of excitement in every bite!
  • Chocolate/Mousse - Four layers of double fudge cake smothered with chocolate mousse, all topped with chocolate buttercream. Rich chocolate fudge covers the top and drips down the sides. It will truly make your mouth water with every bite!
  • Chocolate/Raspberry Mousse - Our Chocolate Mousse cake gets another twist with the addition of raspberry and mousse between each layer. It will make your mouth water even more!
  • Chocolate Truffle - Four layers of our moist double fudge cake, filled with chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse, iced with chocolate mousse, and topped with chocolate medallions - too good to be true!
  • Coconut - Sweetened flaked coconut and yellow cake layers make this dessert cake a favorite! Toasted coconut flakes adorn the outside and give each slice a bit of crunch
  • German Chocolate - Homemade German chocolate filling makes this our best selling dessert cake. Packed full of sweetened flaked coconut and fresh pecans, our terrific filling tops each one of four layers of double fudge cake.
  • Pineapple - Experience four layers of yellow cake smothered with our pineapple buttercream any day of the week!
  • Red Velvet - Traditional red velvet layers iced with cream cheese
  • Strawberry Shortcake - A seasonal favorite, we use local strawberries to make this summer dessert
  • White Chocolate Truffle - White cake filled with white chocolate ganache, iced with white buttercream, and decorated with white chocolate curls - almost too pretty to serve!
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - The same cake as our White Chocolate Truffle cake, but filled with raspberry as a well as white chocolate ganache
  • Zebra - Surprise your family and friends with this cake. Four layers of rich double fudge cake are iced with smooth white buttercream - truly the best of both worlds!
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