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Six mornings a week you will have a hard time passing our shop without stopping! The smell of freshly baked goods will lure you in and tempt your taste buds. Mickey's offers a wide range of pastries, all of which are made from scratch. Start your day off with a variety of yeast-raised donuts. Our old-fashioned, hand-cut donuts and cream puffs have been local favorites for over half a century. Mickey's has raised many a generation on glazed donuts, chocolate donuts and cream puffs. If you haven't had the opportunity to treat yourself, you have missed out!

In addition to our donuts and cream puffs, we offer quite a large variety of other pastries:

  • Cinnamon Buns - Full of plump, juicy raisins, these cinnamon buns are hard to beat! Get here early so you won't miss out.
  • Sticky Buns - Wonderful yeast-raised buns covered in our made from scratch caramel glaze and pecans.
  • Honey Buns - You will be sure to get cinnamon in every bite as you sink your teeth into these tender, rich honey buns.
  • Nut Buns - Just as tender and rich as our honey buns, we have added creamy fondant and lots of walnuts for those nut-lovers out there.
  • Chocolate Cream Puffs - Our yeast-raised, hand-cut, cream-filled cream puffs have been smothered in rich chocolate for that extra kick.
  • Lemon Donuts - Our famous lemon filling has graced the tastes of donuts! We hope you won't miss out on these tangy, yet sweet lemon treats.
  • Twist Donuts - Our tender donuts have been transformed into figure eight shapes and topped with fondant and walnuts.
  • Danish - Our tender, flakey Danish pastry dough has been rolled into traditional bakery snails and filled with your choice of cream cheese, apples, apricots, blueberries, or cherries.
  • Pecan Swirls - Rich cinnamon smear and chunky pecan filling dress up Danish dough for this hard-to-beat pecan swirl.
  • Bear Claws - Rich almond filling and Danish dough keep this long-standing bakery favorite a best seller.
  • Danish Pockets - Fruit filled Danish pockets are hard to beat for breakfast!
  • Turnovers - Our flakey French pastry is sure to make a mess on your suit! We don't think you will mind the mess as you enjoy every bite of our fruit-filled turnovers.
  • Cream Horns - These made-from-scratch French horns never last long in our showcases! You will be hard pressed to find a better cream horn!
  • Éclairs - Traditional custard filled éclairs are a must-have! Not too sweet, you can enjoy one of these any time of the day.
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